Hasbro Star Wars The Black Series: Episode 4 Luke's Death Star Escape

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Kids and fans alike can imagine the biggest battles and missions in the Star Wars saga with figures from Star Wars The Black Series! With exquisite features and decoration, this series embodies the quality and realism that Star Wars devotees love. Star Wars The Black Series includes figures, vehicles, and roleplay items from the 40-plus-year legacy of the Star Wars galaxy that includes the Star Wars comics, Star Wars movies, and Star Wars animated series.

In a brave attempt to rescue Princess Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker disguises himself as an Imperial Stormtrooper and infiltrates the Death Star.

This 6-inch-scale Luke Skywalker figure is carefully detailed to look like the character from Star Wars: A New Hope and features premium detail and multiple points of articulation.


  • 6-INCH SCALE LUKE SKYWALKER FIGURE: Disguised as an Imperial Stormtrooper, Luke Skywalker attempts to rescue Princess Leia Organa alongside Han Solo and Chewbacca. To escape Stormtrooper blaster fire and the Death Star, the small band of Rebels retreats down the garbage chute. Imagine the young Jedi-in-training trying to save his friends from the crushing force of the garbage compactor walls with this 6-inch scale Luke Skywalker figure, inspired by Star Wars: A New Hope, from the Star Wars original trilogy.
  • STAR WARS MOVIE-INSPIRED DESIGN: Fans and collectors can imagine scenes from the Star Wars galaxy with this premium Luke Skywalker figure, inspired by the Star Wars: A New Hope movie, part of the Star Wars movie franchise that includes Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Solo: A Star Wars Story. The Star Wars galaxy includes beloved and feared characters like Han Solo, Princess Leia Organa, Chewbacca, and Darth Vader, as well as Stormtroopers, droids, and more!
  • MOVIE-BASED CHARACTER-INSPIRED ACCESSORY: This Star Wars The Black Series action figure comes with a blaster accessory like the one Luke fires off in the trash chute scene in Star Wars: A New Hope! Kids and fans alike can recall action-packed moments with the brave Jedi-in-training, inspired by the character from the Star Wars galaxy.
  • PREMIUM ARTICULATION AND DETAILING: Featuring premium deco and multiple points of articulation for high poseability (4 fully articulated limbs), fans and collectors can display the Star Wars The Black Series Luke Skywalker (Death Star Escape) figure in their action figure and vehicle collection to imagine scenes from the Star Wars galaxy. Advanced articulation allows fan to pose their figure in a variety of poses for display in their collection.
  • LOOK FOR OTHER FIGURES FROM A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY: Look for other Star Wars The Black Series figures, inspired by the Star Wars movies, to collect a 6-inch scale galaxy of Star Wars figures. (Additional figures each sold separately. Subject to availability.)