Schleich Large Dino Research Station Toys Canada 2021 [Sale] [ Black Friday ]

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  • Includes a Velociraptor, a Brachiosaurus, a Researcher Maxx, research station, ladders, tranquilizer cannon, projectiles, crane with cable winch, staff weapon, net, projectile cartridge, satellite, surveillance camera, mobile telephone, laptop, knife
  • Also includes: binoculars, aluminium box, bait, acacia leaves, hat and stickers
  • Top Quality, hand painted, lifelike toy
  • Encourages learning by play, stimulates imagination and creative play
  • With rotating crane and cable winch!
  • Cannons that can shoot!
  • Fence elements with breakout function!
  • Can be assembled individually!
  • Figure with movable arms and legs!
  • Assembly instructions provided, no tools required for assembly